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The Music Room

Back in the good old days, music came in grooves on slabs of vinyl. Then along came those shiny little discs, and now of course you can download the stuff. Over the years I've replaced a lot of my vinyls with Cd's, and so the time has come to part with a load of LPs and singles. Being a pernickity little sod, most of my collection is in excellent condition (vinyl stored in plastic lined sleeves, covers in plastic protectors blah blah) and the records are thus pretty much as new.

Much of the stuff is good ol' rock and metal, but with a smattering of new wave and other odds 'n' sods. Amongst the singles (7 and 12") is a healthy does of picture discs and other rarities; there's quite a few CD singles too (mostly indie/britpop). Click on the links below to see what's what.

Coming soon, music memorabilia, including tour/promo posters, programmes, patches, in-store displays.