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Currently in the grave: Doctor Who and a Vulcan


A few favourite links to bands sci fi sites and suchlike. Be sure to check out the Doctor Who convention website, and not just cos I designed it! Punk legends The Damned, still going strong! official site of Lemmy and co. the girls are still in business, with a new album recently released. official site of guitar genius Bill Nelson perpetrators of air guitar classic Don't Fear The Reaper as the band themselves put it "imagine The Shangri-Las crossed with the pounding beat of The Sweet, the naughty sass of The Go-Gos and the 'ONETWOTHREEFOUR' fury of The Ramones, played by four ladies with the biggest hair in town, then you've got it". New York proto-punk band The Dictators, gotta love a band that writes songs like Pussy and Money! Doctor Who convention in Swansea Successful restoration of 60's Vulcan bomber XH558 to flight - now appearing at airshows in 2009 but reliant on public donations towards running costs. creator of wonderfully eccentric sculpted works based on the writings of fantasy author Terry Pratchett. Now also producing stamps for the philatelists amongst you.